What Should I Look For in a Medical Malpractice Attorney? September 10, 2018.

Medical malpractice cases carry many complexities that you want to take seriously. Hiring the right lawyer for the job is imperative to the success of your case. Finding the right one may seem like a daunting task and you may not know where to begin, especially with the multitude of advertisements showcasing hundreds of different attorneys. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to filter your options and find the best lawyer to handle your case.

Ratings and Reviews

One of the first things you can do to find the right attorney for your case is to contact your local state’s Bar Association. All you need to do is call and ask to be referred to a lawyer qualified in handling medical malpractice cases. Once you are given a list of referrals, you can go online and check their reviews with websites like AVVO or by looking up other reviews online.

Advocate for the Patients

Keep an eye out for medical malpractice attorneys who help patients specifically. In some cases, many attorneys mainly offer their services to physicians and can overlook the best interests of the patient involved, potentially painting them in a negative light.

Getting the help of an attorney who advocates for you, the patient, will take you one step closer to winning your case.

Significant Experience With the Medical Field

Having an in-depth understanding of the medical field is critical. An attorney must have more than a simple understanding but must also know medical terms, diagnoses, procedures, and theories in order to adequately prepare for a client.


Specific Qualities

Entering the stages of a medical malpractice case can take a blow to your confidence and pride. Having a lawyer who confidently believes in their abilities to get you the best results while simultaneously being compassionate and humble can help make your case less taxing on you. Look for a lawyer who has these traits and is also patient and good at listening to your needs.

Find Your Medical Malpractice Lawyer Today

At The Mellino Law Firm, our team consists of experienced medical malpractice attorneys who are dedicated to ensuring that nothing is overlooked during your case. We understand that these types of legal processes can be stressful and disheartening. That is why we will work diligently and aggressively to obtain full and fair compensation for you.

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