What You Can Do to Prevent Medical Malpractice in Cleveland, Ohio June 19, 2012.

Although we often rely on doctors to take care of our health, mistakes do happen and sometimes it’s the result of medical negligence. Take nursing shortages for an example. Nursing shortages can leave nurses overworked and tired, which open the risk for errors. It’s important for you to be more involved in health care so that medical malpractice can be prevented.

Here are some actions you can take to prevent medical malpractice in Cleveland:

  • make sure your doctor is aware of any medications you take;
  • make sure your doctor knows about any allergies you may have;
  • get fully informed about the risks and benefits of any medications you are prescribed; and
  • when your doctor gives you a prescription, clarify the name of the medicine you should be receiving from the pharmacy.

These steps will prevent any medical damages from serious side effects caused by using the wrong medication.

If you are unsure about something or feel something may be wrong, speak up. If possible, have someone come with you to medical appointments so they are aware of what’s going on and can ask any pertinent questions that you may not ask.

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